mommy 2 b

 Prenatal Massage with Meal, Dessert and Virgin Margarita! 

mommy 2b

Mommy 2 B Special - $108   (Plus 10% gratuity)

(Give her a gift that she not only would love but desperately needs!  In this 70 minute session, we will concentrate on her lower back, feet and neck!  She'll lay in a special cushion that allows her to lay on her belly even at full term!  Oh Yes!)


1) Heated Shiatsu Chair Massage Session with Arm and Foot Compression

2) 40 Minute Prenatal Table Massage with special Prenatal Cushion

3) Soothing Foot Massage and Sugar Foot Scrub with Warm Towels

4) Warm Stones to help soften her muscles

5) Lavender Aromatherapy to aid in relaxation


1) Mixed Green Salad with your choice of dressing

2) Light Lunch/Dinner (Buffalo Wings, Large Salad with Shredded Chicken, or Bow Tie Pasta Alfredo)

3) Dessert:  (Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie or Chocolate Overload Cake) 

4) Virgin Margarita, Coffee or Hot Tea

(Session time includes 10 minutes for going over intake form, undressing and redressing and has been priced accordingly.)

If you'd prefer a massage only (without the meal), choose our "Prenatal" package for $78 (Plus 10% gratuity)

If you'd like to have a full baby shower, look under our Spa Parties under baby shower! 

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