CBD Massage 

CBD incorporates the health benefits of cannabis plants by applying topical products to areas experiencing inflammation, swelling, pain or tension. Cannabinoid (CBD) is absorbed through the skin and into tissue to support body systems without mind-altering side effects of cannabis products. CBD is extracted from cannabis plants to allow clients to experience benefits of cannabis in a different way.

CBD has been traditionally used to alleviate symptoms of pain and inflammation; new technology in the cannabis industry has made it possible to design cannabis strains with increased levels of CBD for health benefits. CBD products are beneficial for clients experiencing; chronic pain and inflammation, skin irritation, muscle tension and soreness. CBD massage reduces inflammation in tissue and allows the therapist to access and release muscles on a deeper level.

Products infused with CBD can provide relief for clients experiencing skin irritation from skin conditions, burns, or scar tissue. Clients experiencing psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis will benefit from anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of CBD products. It promotes healthy cell regeneration in skin that has had radiation therapy, and can help heal scar tissue from any source of injury.

Cannabis infused products are natural calming because they engages receptors in the brain to naturally calm and relax the body. CBD massage help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress by calming the nervous system and bring the body to a stage of complete relaxation. 

Canna-Bliss Massage - $135

The ultimate in natural pain relief and relaxation. We've combined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and CBD Oil to create the creamiest hydrating and pain relieving lotion ever! This warm CBD cream is massaged into your skin to leave it hydrated and luxurious! 

After this 1 hour session, we'll escort you to the restaurant where you'll dine on a delicious meal and CBD Tea.


1) 15 Minute Heated Chair Massage Session

2) 45 Minute Heated Table Massage Session

3) Bon Vital Foot Massage with Hot Steam Towels

4) Warm CBD Syrum

5) Hot Stones & Hot Towels 

6) Shea Butter/Aloe Vera/Coconut Serum Face Massage


1) Roll-up CBD Joint (to smoke on the patio) 

2) Decadent Meal (Look under the page entitled "Dining.")

A small 10% gratuity is added to your bill at check out.

But if your therapist did a great job, let them know this by leaving an additional tip at check out. They rely on their tips, as this is a service industry. Thank you.  

(This session takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete with dining.)

ALL TABLE MASSAGE SESSIONS include 5 minutes for going over your intake form and 5 minutes for undressing and is included in the total table time.

You are not charged for these 10 minutes.

This can be done as a Spa Party. 

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