Recline and Dine 

Our entire menu is made from scratch with the freshest of ingredients. You'll taste it in every bite! 

(Automatic 20% Gratuity added to each check)


1) Shrimp, Jalapeno & Old Bay Deviled Eggs: Three delicate but boldly flavored deviled eggs, each topped off with a large seasoned shrimp...15

2) Fried Green Tomatoes:  Tossed in a seasoned cornmeal and fried in sunflower oil makes this the perfect treat..12

3) Buffalo Chicken Egg Roll: Rotisserie chicken with a celery & carrot medley, drizzled with Buffalo Ranch Sauce deep fried in a crispy egg roll (2 rolls) ..9

4) Deep Fried Cajun Salmon:  Four strips of salmon, deep fried in a Cajun garlic seasoning, garlic, hot sauce & sprinkled w/fresh lemon juice. Served with sweet and spicy Havoc sauce...12

5) Spinach & Artichoke Dip: A generous bowl of creamy, cheesy dip, loaded with flavor, served with seasoned Naan flat bread for dipping....15  

6) Fried Mozzarella: This indulgent & comforting treat is made with a gooey mozzarella center with a crispy and delicious friend breading outside. Served with marinara sauce for dipping. ...10

7) Award Winning Buffalo Wings:  Our new restaurant general manager (Mr. Angelino) was a 1st place champion in the 2004 Buffalo Wing Festival.  We have 10 sauces to choose from listed from mild to flaming hot!  (Mild Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, Medium Buffalo, Hot Buffalo, Jamaican Jerk, Jack Daniels BBQ, 57 Shots to the Head (smoky and full of whiskey), The Havoc (She's sweet and spicy), and the hottest of them all, The Raspberry She-DevilXXXX).......13

8) Alligator Bites (6 oz): Tender, full of flavor and breaded with  a tasty bread crum mixture. Served with a spicy "Havoc" sauce.........17

9) BLT Stuffed Avocado (2 halves): Creamy avocado meat, savory bacon, romaine lettuce cherry tomatoes, a little mayonnaise and this healthy treat never disappoints! (served over ice)……….15


(All of our sandwiches are served on a soft Artesano bakery bun & come w/seasoned steak fries & a pickle spear)

1) Cheeseburger: Our delicious hamburger patty is served with 2 pieces of cheese, mayo, tomato, lettuce, mustard and onion...15

2) BLT: This BLT comes w/juicy red tomatoes, savory bacon, fresh lettuce & a tangy remoulade sauce...16  

3) Steak and Cheese: Delicious London broil served with tomato, cheese, lettuce and steak sauce...17


Raspberry Vinaigrette, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian, Thousand Island

Add Grilled Chicken, 4 Cajun Shrimp, Grilled Salmon or Steak - 12


1) Classic Italian Salad: This stunning salad pairs well with any dish with crispy Romaine, red onions, black olives, garlic croutons, Pepperoncini peppers, cherry tomatoes & fresh grated Parmesan cheese....10

2) Caesar Salad: Fresh and crisp romaine lettuce tossed Caesar dressing, topped with crunchy croutons and shaved Parmesan….9

3) Strawberry Fields Salad: Fresh lettuce with juicy fresh strawberries, feta cheese, red onion, dried cranberries, bacon, glazed pecans, & a sweet honey Dijon dressing - bursting w/flavor.....15

4) Cucumber salad:  Apple cider vinegar based with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion & cracked pepper....10

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1) Ox Tails: If a million dollars had a taste, it would taste like this! A healthy portion of fall off the bone Ox tails, cooked with a lot of time & love. (Served over a bed of home-made smashed potatoes topped w/ox tail gravy & your choice of one additional side) & Jalapeno corn bread….. 35

2) Lamb Chops: Tender lamb cooked in white wine, honey and lemon, served over our garlic smashed potatoes plus one additional side...35

3) Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta: A creamy Cajun sauce mixed with fresh basil, and roasted red peppers, sauteed with jumbo shrimp and chicken over Bow Tie noodles...…35

4) Southern Fried Buttermilk Catfish & Shrimp: Breaded catfish filets and 3 Jumbo Cajun shrimp perfectly seasoned w/hushpuppies, tartar sauce & Cole slaw………32

5) Salmon with Creamy Lemon Sauce: Grilled & cooked in a white wine sauce, this antioxidant rich dish is savory, flavorful, delicious & will give back to your body, served with spinach orzo with one additional side...26

6) Chicken/Broccoli Alfredo: Rich Alfredo sauce over pasta w/tender roasted chicken & broccoli…....25  

7) Shrimp/Broccoli Alfredo: Rich Alfredo sauce over pasta w/shrimp & broccoli…....32

8) Eggplant Steak:  Grilled and seasoned to perfection. A delicious treat and you won't miss the meat! (served with 2 sides of your choice)....25

9) Stir fry: Carrots, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, seasoning and soy sauce served over white rice......24


Comes with a petite salad      Served with 2 sides     Add 4 Jumbo Cajun Shrimp - 12


1) Prime Rib (16 oz): Tender, juicy and extremely flavorful. Served with au jus and/or horseradish sauce....40

2) New York Strip (16/8 oz): Rich, juicy, full-flavored and tender……..- King cut/Queen cut......45/35

3) Filet Mignon (10 oz): Bacon Wrapped and soft as butter......................49

4) London Broil (10 oz): A perfectly tender piece of meat, marinated in a liquids mixture with spices and seasoning then broiled on the grill......35

5) Surf & Turf: Have the best of both worlds with this delicious flavorful New York strip and jumbo tail served with a honey drawn butter sauce served with 2 sides…....59  


(Served with 2 sides & Petite salad)

1) Fried Shrimp (8 oz): Eight of our delicious large fried shrimp buttered in cornmeal and different spices.....25

2) Broiled Shrimp: (8 oz): Eight of our delicious large shrimp broiled in wine, butter and garlic......28

3) Snow Crab Legs: (1 or 2 lbs): Sweet, delicious tender crab meat, served with 2 sides of your choice....30/58

4) Craw Fish (16 oz): A full pound of our delicious craw-fish, slow cooked in butter & Creole seasoning.......20


Seasoned Fries, Parmesan encrusted Jumbo Asparagus, Broccoli, Garlic Smashed Potato with skins, Collard Greens cooked in Ham Hocks, Southern Fried Cabbage & Bacon, Basket of Bread (4 rolls) Basket of Cornbread (3 rolls)


(All desserts come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream)

1) Fudgy Chocolate Brownie: Fudgy chocolate goodness with melted chips inside….8

2) Cheesecake: Creamy & delicious with a graham cracker crust, comes with raspberry & vanilla drizzle…...9

3) Bananas Foster’s Bread Pudding for 2: A huge and delicious slice,  served w/cut up caramelized bananas, brown sugar, nutmeg and rum sauce. ..12

4) Strawberry Shortcake: Warm, rich, moist and delicious with fresh strawberries & whipped cream….9

5) Sea Salt Caramel Cake:  A divine marriage of chocolate and salted caramel comes with this decadent cake. Drizzled with caramel and chocolate...5

6) Caramel Peanut Butter Snickers:  One of the world's most favorite candy bars made into pie. Drizzled with caramel and chocolate. ....5


Our Chocolate Covered Strawberries come w/a Windowed Gift Box, Gold Tray & Special Occasion Ribbon.

Ribbon Options: (Please choose one): Happy B-Day, Love, Congratulations, Graduation, It’s a Girl, It’s a Boy!

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½ Doz Drizzled = $18           1 Full Doz = $35

Choose your chocolate (White, Milk, Dark or any combination)or any combination)
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½ Doz Gourmet Dipped Fancy = $19      1 Full Doz= $39
Choose your chocolate (White, Milk, Dark or any combination)
Gourmet Toppings (Choose up to 3): Oreo Cookie, Heath, Butterfinger, Peanuts or Gorgeous Sugar Pearls


Sweet Tart (Strawberry Lemonade), Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Orange Fanta, Sweet Tea, Dr. Pepper


Martini’s - 12

Apple, Watermelon or Lemon Drop, Dirty, Cosmo

Relaxing Cocktails - 9

360 Citrus vodka, Dekuyper Peach Schnapps and apple liqueur, simple syrup, fresh lime and basil

The Riverset Sour
Riverset Rye Whiskey (local), fresh lemon, simple syrup, red wine

The Unwind
Hennessy VS, pineapple juice and fresh lemon

Captain Vacation
Captain Morgan, cranberry, lime and splash of coke


Michelob Ultra, Heineken, Stella Artois, Corona Light - 6

House Zin

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Sutter Home (mini) - 7

Wines (Red)

Avalon Pinot Noir



Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz, Southeast Australia



Joel Gott 815 Cabernet, California



Estancia Merlot, Central Coast



House Cabernet (Sutter Home) (mini)


Wines (White)

Avalon Chardonnay



Chateau Ste Michelle Dry Riesling - Columbia Valley



Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio, Friuli-Valencia Giulia



House Wine (Sutter Home) (mini)



Sparkling Wine

Stella Rosa/Prosecco

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Moet Reserve Imperial


our location

Bow Tie Massage

8050 Dexter Road,

Suite #103,

Cordova, TN 38016

Phone. 901-337-1140


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