After your table massage, you have the pleasure of continuing your massage session in a Vitamin C Steam Shower.

Since the days of the ancient Romans, steam has been used as a treatment for a range of physical ailments, from chest infections to joint pain. Unlike saunas, which surround an individual with coarse dry heat, steam showers wrap people with comforting, warm, relaxing air that is gentle on the respiratory system and has the power to penetrate deep into sore muscles and bones to relieve strain and stress. The benefits of steam rooms go far beyond just helping to alleviate stiff muscles and sniffling noses.

Steam Health Benefits

Clearer skin: People who take at least two steam showers a week find that it improves the clarity of their skin over time. Steam has the ability to unclog pores and remove deeply trapped congestion from under the surface of the skin. Here’s how it works: Steam causes increased perspiration, which can push trapped dirt, dead skin cells, and surface bacteria out from the upper dermal layers where it can then be washed away easily. The results of regular steam showers are seen in long-term clear skin that is free from blackheads, pimples, and congestion bumps.

Infection treatment: A major benefit of regular steam showers is relief from respiratory infections. Specialists list steam showers as an at-home treatment for conditions such as laryngitis and sinus infections. The warm, wet heat opens airways and soothes inflammation in the lungs and nasal cavity, increasing your comfort as well as helping to shorten the duration of the infection.

Increased circulation: Steam showers are an excellent way to naturally boost circulation throughout the body. Increased circulation brings more oxygen to cells and decreases the risk of hypertension and hardened arteries, and it increases muscle function. Increased circulation also means more blood flowing through the heart, which helps combat fatigue and exhaustion.

Stress relief: One of the most powerful benefits of steam showers is their ability to reduce both physical and mental stress. While stress can cause people to feel anxious, wired, and overworked, it can also manifest itself as sore or tense muscles. By increasing blood circulation, steam expands muscle tissue and releases tightness. The warm air also helps release endorphins in the brain, which relaxes the mind and relieves mental tension.

Metabolism and weight loss: Regular steam showers can even assist with weight management. Hot steam increases blood flow by stimulating the lymphatic system which, in turn, helps to speed up the metabolism. A higher metabolic rate means that your body burns more calories per day. A healthy lifestyle and diet combined with regular steam showers can result in effective weight loss and a healthy body.

Vitamin C Health Benefits

At Bow Tie Massage, we've incorporated Vitamin C filters in our steam showers because of the many health benefits of Vitamin C. According to the Mayo Clinic, Vitamin C helps in treating the common cold and can also help to boost your mood. In addition, the vitamin C filter removes 99 percent of chlorine and chloramines from tap water. Since chlorinated water can cause dry skin, dandruff and frizzy hair, a vitamin shower makes sense. By neutralizing the chlorine, it helps to combat the negative effects that chlorine may have on your hair and skin. Even MGM Grand Hotels have “stay well” rooms and promote the Vitamin C Shower as one of its prime selling points.

So, after your massage, shower off in one of our Vitamin C Steam Showers not only to get clean, but to enjoy all of the health benefits of Hydrotherapy, Steam and Vitamin C.