Say it with a gift certificate!

Get that special someone the gift of peace and relaxation to use

 when it's convenient for them.

You can purchase a gift certificate from the comfort of your own 

home or phone right here by clicking on the button "Buy Gift 

Certificates." It even allows you to create a message for the recipient 

and will send the gift certificate to their phone or e-mail - instantly!


Or, if you'd rather purchase a gift CARD, you can come in and purchase one for any dollar amount.

Gift cards and Gift Certificates expire after one year from the date of purchase.

Gift certificates cannot be used until 32 days after purchase to discourage chargebacks/fraud.

Gift Cards can be used immediately after purchase since we take a photo of your ID once you purchase them.

 From your friends at Bow Tie Massage and Recline and Dine Restaurant!