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RESERVATIONS: Our services are available by appointment, but we also welcome walk-ins. However, to ensure availability, we recommend that you call at least 24 hours in advance to reserve your preferred spot. Weekends fill up quickly, so if you want a Friday, Saturday or Sunday appointment, it's best to give us as much notice as possible. A credit card is required when making a reservation. We will charge a $50 deposit per person on Monday and Thursday to hold your reservation. We charge a $100 deposit per person on Friday - Sunday to hold your reservation. The balance will be charged after your appointment.  You can choose to pay with another method to pay your balance if you'd like.

PRE-PAYMENT:  Typically your balance is due after you've finished your massage session.  However, if you would like to prepay for your session, we will gladly allow you to do that.  If you have payed for you appointment in cash and later cancel, your refund will be given in the form a gift card. We cannot give you cash back.

GIFT CARDS:  You can purchase gift certificates online by logging on to our website at www.bowtiemassage.com. You can purchase gift cards here at Bow Tie Massage for any dollar amount.  Gift cards and gift certificates can not be be refunded and expire in 12 months,

TAXES:  There is no tax on massage in the state of Tennessee.   

TIPPING:  A mandatory gratuity of 10-18% (depending on package) will be added to your bill at check out.   Please leave an additional tip at check out if you enjoyed your experience.  Our therapists rely on their tips just as servers do.  

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE:  There will be a $3 processing fee charged at check out.  If you do not want to pay this fee, we do take cash. 

CANCELLATION: To cancel a reservation, we request the courtesy of a 48-hour cancellation notice by phone or email.  If you cancel less than 48 hours before your reservation or you don’t show up, we must keep your deposit. There are no exceptions regardless of why you could not give us the notice because we are still obligated to pay our employees that we've called in to perform your massage. By comparison, many spas charge 100% of your package fee when not given proper notification. (A lot of effort goes in to scheduling a massage therapist for your particular session. Please give us the courtesy of a 48 hour notice instead of not showing up.)

RESCHEDULING: To reschedule a reservation, we request the courtesy of a 48-hour rescheduling notice by phone or email.  If you reschedule less than 48 hours before your reservation, we must keep your deposit.  Calling on the day of your appointment to reschedule is the same as cancelling.  (A lot of effort goes in to scheduling a massage therapist for your particular session. Please give us the courtesy of a 48 hour notice instead of calling at the last minute.) 

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE:  If you cancel your appointment and need a refund, we must charge you a $5 processing fee to cover our costs.  If you do not want to pay this fee, you can leave the money on your account for a future appointment. 

APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION: We will confirm your appointment by not only sending you an email reminder 48 hours before your appointment, but also by calling or texting you 24 hours before your appointment. We must get a response from you confirming your appointment. So, you must give us a good contact phone number and email address, so that we can contact you. If we call, text or email and we get no response from you, we will assume that you are canceling and we may decide to cancel you and keep your deposit. You must confirm your appointment with us within 24 hours.

NO CASH BACK:  If you have payed for you appointment in cash and later cancel, your refund will be given in the form a gift card.  We cannot give you cash back. 

ARRIVE TIME: Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled session in order to complete your intake form and to put any items in your locker. If you cannot arrive early, please ask us to email you an intake form and complete it at home.  Give it to the receptionist as soon as you arrive.  We must start your session at your scheduled time, as to prevent the delay of the next client’s services. If you arrive late, your session time may need to be reduced accordingly, or your package changed. 

If your session doesn't come with a chair massage, you DO NOT have to arrive early.  You can come at the scheduled time.  We will start your session 15 minutes after your scheduled time to allow you time to complete your intake form.  (Example:  If you have a 1:00 Sooth appointment, your session will be started at 1:15.)

LOCKERS:  We have lockers for your convenience as a complimentary service to you.   Please leave all valuables, large bags, jewelry, etc in the locker.  The lockers are always under the careful eye of our security cameras. Do not leave small items in your pockets as they can get lost in our massage chairs. We ARE NOT responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.  Please take advantage of our lockers. 

LARGE BAGS:  We ask that you not take large bags passed the reception area.  You may put your necessary items (such as bathing suits, etc.) in a small plastic bag that we will provide. Just ask the receptionist for a bag.  Please leave all large bags in the lockers. 

CELL PHONES:  We encourage the use of cell phones so you can take pictures of your special occasion and the stages of your incredible session.  However, you cannot have your cell phone with you while you are on the massage table.  (It could get damaged by our lotions/oils or could be knocked off of the table by accident.)  Your massage therapist cannot start your massage until your cell phone is off of the massage table. 

SHOWER FIRST:    Please take a shower before coming to the facility.  Our hydrating lotions feel really good after your massage and go on better with freshly cleaned skin. Also, in order to keep our Hot Tub Clean and the PH and Alkalinity levels in line, you must take a pre-shower here as well before entering the hot tub.  If you know you are coming to our facility, please do not put on any lotions, oils, base make-up or powders. This helps to keep our towels, robes and hot tubs clean and allows us to massage your face as well. 

MAKE-UP:  Please do not wear heavy make-up to your massage session.  Your make-up will impede the massage process and will clog the pours.  

WIGS:  If at all possible, leave your wigs at home, or at least tie it up before getting on the massage table. They impede the massage sessions by getting in the way of your scalp and neck massage.  We have a basket for your personal belongings once you get into the massage room.  You have the option of putting your wig in that basket.  If you leave it on, we will do our best to work around it. 

PRICING:  We continue to strive to keep our prices as low as possible.  However, as our costs go up, we occasionally will have to pass the price increase on to our clients.  Therefore, prices and packages are subject to change at any time. 

INTOXICATION:  We absolutely WILL NOT give you a massage if you are intoxicated or high!  When you are under the influence, your interpretation of pain and pressure is skewed. In addition, there will obviously be a break-down in communication if you are drunk.  PLEASE DO NOT COME IN INTOXICATED or high!  If you do, we will have to refuse service and keep your deposit. 

CORK FEE:  There is a cork fee of $20 per bottle of wine/liquor.    

CAKE FEE:  There is a $4 per person cake fee if you bring in your own cake.  

GUESTS:  If you've purchased a massage for a loved one as a gift, and you want to share the experience with them, you can always do the session together.  However, if you don't want to do the session together, but you want to stay, you can sit in the restaurant area. You are NOT allowed to go back to ANY of the rooms with your loved one.  You may dine with them if you'd like. 

CHILDREN:  Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to sit and wait for you to complete your massage session, nor are they allowed to go back into the massage room with you unless they are receiving a massage as well.  We must maintain a relaxed atmosphere at all times. Sometimes children do get restless and would therefore, disrupt your session and/or other's.   Please be respectful of this policy and DO NOT bring your children with you to the Spa unless you would like them to get the massage along with you. 

AGE LIMIT FOR MASSAGE:  As long as a parent is with their child (either receiving the massage beside them as a couple, or in the room supervising), children from age 6-17 can receive our massage services. 

COUPLES:  Typically, we will have a male and female therapist to perform your couple's massage.  Our female therapist will perform the massage on our male clients, and our male therapists will perform the massage on our female clients.  If there is a gender issue, please make us aware of this when booking.  We will TRY to accommodate your request if at all possible but we can make no guarantees.

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