Chair Massage, Table Massage and Elegant Dining

Mommy 2-B Special

Mommy 2-B Special

$135 (Plus 15% gratuity)

This session takes approximately 2 hours to complete including dining.

If you want to do this session as a couple, please choose the Getaway package for him.

Give her a gift that she not only would love but desperately needs! 

 In this session, we will concentrate on her lower back, feet and neck! 

 She'll lay in a special cushion that allows her to lay on her belly even at full term!

You must be 13 weeks or more in order to receive a massage at Bow Tie.


1) Heated Shiatsu Chair Massage Session with Arm and Foot Compression

 2) Prenatal Table Massage with special Prenatal Cushion (35 minutes)

 3) Soothing Foot Massage with Hot Towels

 4) Warm Stones to help soften her muscles

 5) Lavender Aromatherapy to aid in relaxation


Once you have finished your massage session, you will check out and be given a $30 gift certificate to

 spend any way that you want at the restaurant. You will then be walked over to our dining room and be 

given a menu full of delicious salads, appetizers, entree's, desserts, and more.

 To see our menu, go to the page entitled, "Food Menu."

An 20% gratuity will be applied to your check for your dining experience.

If you'd prefer a massage only (without the meal & Chair massage), choose our "Prenatal" package

If you'd like to have a full baby shower, look under our Spa Parties under baby shower!

Please call 901-337-1140 to make your reservations, or 

 Complete the reservation request form below.