Tailor- make your massage by adding any of these items to your session.

We DO NOT extend table time on Saturdays.

1) Chair Massage: Our Titan Chairs massage your back and neck, compress your legs and arms and vibrate the hips and buttocks. Enjoy peppermint and lavender aromatherapy as well as our Bubble Walls to enhance your chair session. - $1.25 per minute for the first 15 minutes.  $1 per minute for additional minutes.

2) Table Time: Add massage time to your package for $1.50 per minute.

3) Stretching: Range of Motion & Sports Stretching - (5 Minute Session) - $9.99

4) Scalp Massage: Warm fingertips run along your neck, 2 hands grasp each side of your head, pressing gently, fingertips running through your hair, gentle hair pulling for endorphin release! Your eyes roll in back of your head!!! You're not dreaming -- you're enjoying a scalp massage. This is the best! - PLEASE LEAVE EXTENSIONS AND WIGS AT HOME! We need your natural hair for this one! (5 Minute Session) - $7.50

5) Face Massage: There are 43 muscles in the human face and yes, they hold stress and tension too! A good face massage improves mood, increases blood flow and releases feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Along with your face massage, we apply hot towels bathed in Eucalyptus to the face to help in opening up those sinuses and clearing the airway. (5 minute Session) $7.50

6) Peppermint Foot Scrub: Get a foot massage and exfoliating foot scrub session with a deep heating analgesic to make your tootsies feel cool and refreshed! - Topped off with hot steam towels! Oh yeah! (5 Minute Session) - $9.99

7) Hot Stones:   Used to help you relax and ease tense muscles. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. The stones are made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat.  Our stones are heated to between 130 and 136 degrees. - $9.99

8) Total Body Exfoliation Treatment: The human body sheds millions of dead skin cells which need to be removed, along with bacteria and dirt. Exfoliating the skin will keep your skin cleaner and healthier and create a beautiful glow. After each section on your body is exfoliated, hot steam towels are used to remove the excess sugar and skin. This Sugar Scrub treatment is not only healthy for your skin, it feels amazing! - (20 Minute Session) - $39.99

9) Shower with Shea Body Wash: Add a 10 Minute Shower with Shea Butter Body Wash to any session. - $9.99

10) Eucalyptus Steam Shower: Our Steam Showers are infused with Vitamin C and Eucalyptus to open those bronchial passages and sinuses.

15 Minute Session - $14.99

11) Extra Time in the Hot Tub:  If your session already comes with a hot tub session, you can add another 15 minute round - $9.99  Single or $14.00 Couple's 

(This package cannot be added on Saturdays.)

12) CBD/Shea Butter Massage Oil Upgrade: Take your massage session to another level with the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD. CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joints and aids in relaxation and stress relief. And the Shea Butter leaves your skin hydrated! $9.99

13) CBD Massage Oil - 1 oz bottle: Our massage oil is locally produced by ABX Farms at the Agricenter. $19.99

14) Bio-freeze (For deep muscle penetration) - leaves a cool sensation - $2.50

15) Shea Butter/Coconut Oil/Aloe Vera Lotion Upgrade: The glide is incredible, as will be your skin after you've been massaged with this special organic blend! Try it out! You won't be disappointed! - $5

16) Elegant Dining: Extend your relaxation to the dining area for a delicious 3 Course Dinner - Salad, Entree, Warm Bread, Beverage of your choice, and Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. (Please see the page entitled "Dining" for your meal options) - $29.99

17) Real Rose & Petals:  Enhance your romantic experience by adding a Single Rose for him or her, in addition to rose petals scattered throughout your massage room as well as dining table.  - $25

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