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Please have each member of your party sign this agreement.

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To keep your party happy, and your celebration seamless, we ask that you abide by certain rules that we have established. This allows not only you and your party members to enjoy a stress-free celebration, but allows our staff to thoroughly enjoy working with your group.

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1) Party Host: For parties of 3 or more, there needs to be a designated "Party Host" that communicates with Bow Tie Massage. The Host will be communicating to your party members and will be responsible for getting us the required documentation and information to help aid in making your celebration run smoothly.

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2) Notice: Please try to give us as much notice as possible for your Spa Party Request. However, at times, we can accommodate large groups on short notice. Just ask one of our receptionists to help.

3) Changing head count: Please give us a 48-hour notice if you would like to add or take away a party member. There are no guarantees for adding a member, but we will do our best. As soon as we know that we can accommodate that extra guest, we will let you know. If we can’t accommodate, that extra guest has the option of doing the “Recline and Dine” session (chair massage and meal) that requires no therapist and they will be able to meet up with the group at dining and picture taking time. If you delete a party member, please give us a 48-hour notice, otherwise we will have to keep the deposit for that individual. (Remember, we have to call in a massage therapist to cover each person in your group. We have to pay them whether you show up or not, so please give us warning if any party members can't make it.)

4) Deposits: The Party Host must call in the complete deposit for all party members. ($50 per person) at least 48 hours before the event. Having each member call in their deposit is confusing, and more times than not, they will forget. It is up to the Party Host to collect all deposits, so that we can lock in your reservation.

5) Being on Time: You are to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment in order you to remove your jewelry & shoes, and to put you in your lockers, for your party to go to the bathroom, and any last-minute issues. (Example: If your appointment is at 10:00, you must arrive by 9:45.) Arriving past 9:45 is considered late and you are subject to losing table time if this happens.

6) Gratuity: A 15% gratuity will be charged to all Spa Party Packages.

7) Massage Rooms/Pairing: Our massage rooms can accommodate 2 in each room. At times, we can accommodate 3 to a room. But we do not guarantee this. If your group has a preference in who they want to be paired with, they need to make the Party Host aware of it. It is the responsibility of the Party Host to let us know. Once we arrange your groups, we CANNOT change it. There is a lot of effort that goes into making sure that your Spa Party flows effortlessly. Changing groups at the last minute cannot happen.

8) Intake forms and Spa Party Agreement: Please complete these forms online at least 48 hours before your appointment.

9) Start Time Options: if you have 6 or more people in your party, you have 2 start time options for your event:

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a. 10:00 a.m. - We will end the massage portion by the afternoon, so that your guests can start dining by lunch time.

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b. 7:00 pm - We will try to end the massage portion by 8:00 so that your party can start dining at 8:15. The start time on the evening event will depend on the number in your party.

10) Behavioral Rules: All people all created equal and as such, will be treated equally. Our staff has been carefully selected to make sure that these values are upheld. We're here to help you take your stress level down, and to help you celebrate your special occasion with dignity and class. Please help us in doing this by being respectful to this establishment. We want your party to enjoy themselves, but there are certain behavioral rules that must be followed.

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a) Please keep your voices low. There are other clients here that want to enjoy themselves too.

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b) Please treat our staff the same way that we treat you - with consideration, dignity and respect.

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c) Please leave your attitudes at the door. We will not tolerate rude behavior by anyone! There are no exceptions to this rule! If any member of your party treats any member of our staff with rudeness, they will be asked to leave. The threat of a bad Facebook review will not prevent us from demanding that you leave.

11) Alcoholic Beverages: Our establishment is not only a spa, but a full restaurant and bar. If you’d like to purchase alcohol, you are free to do so. However, NO ALCOHOL can be brought in our establishment. It must be purchased at the restaurant.

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Cake Fee: We sell delicious desserts, however, if you'd rather bring in your own cake, there will be a $4/slice cake fee charged for each of your guests.

12) Dining: Our restaurant is small and quaint and therefore, our kitchen is also small in comparison to other restaurants. Therefore, only a certain number of meals can be cooked at any given time. And since everything is done from scratch, preparing your dishes takes a little extra time. Please don't expect each of your meals to come out at the same time. Be kind and patient to our restaurant staff.

13) Tipping at the restaurant: After your massage session, you and your guests will be given a $30 Gift Certificate to use at the restaurant for anything on the menu, including alcohol. You purchased this gift certificate when you paid for your massage session. However, although you’ve already paid for the food, the tip for your service at the restaurant was not included. An 18% gratuity, (which is $5.40) will be charged each guest. This is based on the food valued at $30. If you purchase more than $30 worth, the gratuity is 18% of your total food bill and is due after dining. Our servers work hard to make sure that your experience is a good and lasting one

Now, let's enjoy this celebration together!

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